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Asheville Fit 50 Challenge

Taking a brisk 30 min walk, hike, ride, or stroll each day will have tremendous benefits. Welcome back to the annual Asheville Fit50 Challenge. We encourage people to stay active during the colder months we are challenging everybody to do 50 miles total of some sort. It can be hiking, walking or even riding your bike we just need 50 miles. But why stop at 50 miles during these 2 months we want you all to go above and beyond. A Fitbit Watch will be awarded to the person with the highest milage while the person with the second highest milage will be awarded with Beats Studio Earbuds. The top 5 mileage participants will also receive an Asheville Parks and Rec goodie bag!
-Every Participants must register for challenge
-Track your miles through your daily steps. 2500 Steps equal a mile.
-We'd Like to see your progress! Post a Pic of your miles/steps.
-Once you have completed the 60 day challenge, send proof of mileage to [email protected]
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Unavailable Asheville Fit 50 Challenge 02/01/2024 12:00 am -11:45 pm Item Details Unavailable